Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Diora Baird "Playboy Cover Girl"

Play..boy cover girl Diora Baird caught our attention with her scene-stealing role in Wedding Crashers. Even before making on-screen whoopee with Owen Wilson, the double-D beauty was turning heads in national advertising campaigns. Upon seeing her billboard ad for Guess she remarked, "People are going to get so sick of looking at my boobs." Hey, we never said she was a prophet.
The dictionary describes sexiness as: "The arousal of feelings of sexual desire." They could save a lot of words, however, by simply including a photo of Diora. The 22-year-old model has been blessed with sultry bedroom eyes, a tiny waist and generous 32DD breasts -- proving once and for all that nothing grows in the shade. In case you're wondering, they're real and they're fabulous. "I'm pretty well-endowed," she admits. "My mother definitely passed down good genes in that area."

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