Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carla Bruni "Nicolas Sarkozy Wife"

She is absolutely ravishing, and her attitude (though hard to endure) makes her seem unobtainable and mysterious, which only adds to her sex appeal. Her come-hither stare, prodding lips and swiveling hips make her a "happily married man's wife" worst nightmare.

Carla Bruni, in her last full year as a model, made $7.5 million U.S. in 1998, according to BusinessAge magazine. It's a hefty sum, but money is the least of her worries. As the heiress to a Turin-based manufacturing fortune, she should have a Jaguar parked in her driveway for the rest of her life.

Carla Bruni's most famous campaigns were for GUESS, Paciotti and Versace perfume. She made it onto countless magazine covers, including L'Officiel, Glamour and Elle.

Her sensual "cat walk" has made her a favorite of many designers for their fashion shows, including Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace's Versus Donna, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, and John Galliano.


Carla Bruni Tedeschi was born December 23, 1967, in Turin, Italy. The heiress of a tire manufacturing fortune from her native city, Carla Bruni probably didn't even need to pursue the lucrative modeling career she presently has, considering the fortune that awaited her.

Nonetheless, the multitude of fashion shows and modeling shoots she has appeared in led to her inclusion in BusinessAge's list of the 20 highest-paid models in 1998.

carla bruni signs with city models
Like most models that have made it huge in the modeling industry, Carla Bruni didn't originally aspire to become a model. After relocating to Paris at age 5, Carla moved to Switzerland to study at a boarding school.

She finally returned to Paris, where her brother's girlfriend encouraged her to pursue a modeling career. Pretty much convinced, Carla Bruni dropped her arts and architecture classes at the University of Paris when she was 19 to become a full-time model.

Signed with City Models in Paris, Carla Bruni became one of the fashion industry's most famous faces (not to mention bodies). Her whirlwind climb to the top started out when Paul Marciano, the president and creative director of GUESS Inc., saw a picture of her face in a stack of pictures of aspiring models. The same man who later discovered Shana Zadrick and Josie Maran knew that Carla Bruni had what it took to become a star.

carla bruni marries nicolas sarkozy

Carla Bruni's latest taste in guys seems to be powerful Frenchmen. She dated French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, and she married France's President Nicolas Sarkozy in February 2008 (it wasn't until January '08 that they confirmed their relationship).

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