Monday, July 13, 2009

Elisabetta Canalis "Nude Hot Italian"

Elisabetta essentially comes off as the prototypical exotic beauty with her long brown hair, full lips and mysterious gaze. Her penchant for posing naked certainly doesn’t hurt, nor does her astounding ability to make virtually any outfit look amazing. She seems to have found the perfect look for her frame, which is fit, trim and curvy.

One of Italy’s most recognizable personalities, Elisabetta has been a fixture on Italian television for a while. She’s appeared alongside some of the most well-known figures within the Italian entertainment industry, and has deftly managed to carry herself with poise and grace no matter what the situation. With her role in the 2006 drama Guilty Pleasures, it seems clear that Elisabetta’s natural gift for performing will become more and more prominent.


Elisabetta Canalis was born on September 12, 1978, in Sassari, Italy. The daughter of a radiologist and a literature teacher, Elisabetta’s early years were generally spent engaged in the everyday pursuits one expects of a little girl. That she would one day become a renowned actress and model certainly never crossed her mind or the minds of those close to her. Instead, she focused on her various pastimes, including swimming, dancing and horseback riding (Elisabetta is actually an accomplished rider, having participated in several horse shows during her adolescence).

By the time she graduated high school, Elisabetta decided that the time was right for her to leave home. She enrolled at a prestigious university in Milan, where she began studying foreign languages. It was in Milan that Elisabetta began exploring the possibility of becoming an actress, and started the slow and arduous process of auditioning for as many projects as she could find.

After being passed up for a small role in an Italian farce called Love Fish, Elisabetta successfully landed a gig in 1999 on a variety show called Striscia la notizia. She stayed with the program for three years, firmly establishing herself to Italian viewers as one of the most interesting and talented performers to hit the scene in ages.


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