Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yua over "30 Adult DVDs within a year"

Yua Aida was born on 12 August 1984 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This 157cm beauty was an active girl and involved in many sporting activities during primary and middle school. Tennis was her strongest sport throughout middle school. In high school, she changed her focus on sports to art, which she attributes to her mother. Aida reports that exposure to models while oil painting made her comfortable when starting her AV career. After high school, Aida she spoted by a talent scout for an AV agency while shopping in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood.She took the AV industry by storm when her photo debut released in 2003, and in the following year, she released her first DVD. Aida has appeared in over 30 DVDs within a year, and along with Soai Aoi ,she is the most popular figure of the S1 studio.

In Spring 2005, after more than a year working for Kuki and MAX-A, Aida joined a new studio, S1 No. 1 Style, and released her first video with them, Sell Debut, in May 2005. Along with Sora Aoi and Yuma Asami, she was one of the most popular figures at the S1 studio - in the DMM list of the top 100 actresses by sales, she placed #1 in 2005 and #4 in 2006. Aida remained with S1 for the rest of her AV career, appearing in about one original video a month. In mid-2007, she also starred in four videos in the Moodyz Diva series which features prominent AV idols.

On 12 July 2007, Aida announced in her blog that she was retiring from appearances in AV, but planned to continue appearing in gravure and non-pornographic "Image" videos. Her last original video, Yua Aida Dance Best from November 2007, was the Style Art entry in the 2008 AV Grand Prix contest.

Aida debuted in photo layouts in 2003, and made her AV debut in the January 2004 DVD release Pichi Pichi. A co-production of the KUKI and MAX-A labels, Pichi Pichi had Aida playing the role of a student writing a final paper for school on the subject of ecstasy. This concept allowed Aida to perform with a variety of AV actors.

Aida's second video, Your Yua Aida (February 2004) left the fictional narrative format to explore the documentary style common with Japanese adult videos. In her March release, Voyage, Aida played the role of a photographer who fantasizes about having sex with the male models she photographs.

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